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  • Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 Ashampoo Backup Pro 15

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15

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Building on the solid foundation left behind by version 14, Ashampoo backup Pro 15 brings even more innovation to the forefront alongside a whole host of new and refined features and improved functionality. the biggest changes in version 15 comes with the new user interface, whilst Ashampoo software has always been easy to operate this new approach now brings all commonly used functionality within just a couple of clicks of the homepage. At the same time, Ashampoo hsa made many small enhancements behind the scenes, these include uprated cloud support, pre-set backup plans, easy to view backup overviews among many other small improvements.

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 is flexible and versatile, so that it works for everyone, from beginner to data security specialist. The new presets save your data in just a few clicks. Whether you like to back up your documents only or your entire system, or you want to save your emails, contacts or browser data, or you prefer a more refined approach with custom plans specifically tailored to your needs. Even highly sophisticated backup plans only take a few clicks.

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 works with any storage format. It can store your backups on any hard disk, SSD, flash drive or network location. Local backups profit from the newly developed "Infinite Reverse Incremental" technology that requires spectacularly little disk space. Benefit from space savings up to 50%!

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 includes rescue system
Whether on DVD or flash drive, if your computer refuses to boot, the integrated emergency system will come to your rescue. It will allow you to boot up your PC and perform a clean backup restore. Versatile options let you extract individual files from backups with the help of virtual drives or restore entire partitions! No more data loss, no more lengthy Windows reinstallations!

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 is Windows-based a comprehensive backup solution to back up or restore any file, partition or bootable operating system. Archives can easily be restored in the event of hardware issues or system malware infections. Backups can be created fully automatically thanks to smart background technology that does not interfere with normal PC operation. For that, Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 monitors the system load and only becomes active when enough resources are available.

Users have total control over the storage location and medium, from traditional hard disks to online cloud services for maximum accessibility–and this applies to both individual files and entire disk partitions. Restoring archives can either be achieved through the program itself or Windows Explorer. And if worst comes to worst and your system suffers from total failure, the program's rescue system will still allow you to boot your machine and restore your backup without data loss.

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